Your team puts a lot of work into Basecamp. Basecamp's reports are based on the information your team enters. It finds people's messages, comments, assigned and completed to-dos, and lets you know what everyone has been up to.

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To get all the news, click the  Activity  link, up at the top of your page. 

Screenshot of the Homescreen with an arrow pointing at the Activity button at the top

You'll see latest activity, along with the other report options.

Screenshot of the upper part of the Activity page. You can see

Note: Reports include all the projects you have access to in your Account.

Filtering Latest Activity

You can filter the Latest Activity page by Projects or People.

When selecting a filter, begin typing the name of the project and Basecamp will suggest options to select. Once you've chosen your projects, click Filter .

The Latest Activity page filtered by two projects.
The latest activity filtered by projects.
The latest activity page filtered by person.
The latest activity page filtered by person.

Once you've clicked 'Filter', you'll see all the activity for the matching projects or people. Click Change to change the projects or people you'd like to see.

A screenshot of the latest activity screen filter by two projects.

You can also filter activity for projects organized in a Project Stack on the Home Page. Just open the stack and click the See activity for these projects link:

Screenshot of an open Project Stack with an arrow pointing to the

Overdue To-dos

It happens — sometimes you miss a deadline. Basecamp looks at the due dates on your to-dos, and tells you what's late, and by how long.

Screenshot of the Overdue To-dos page

Unassigned Work

Use this report to see all the to-dos and cards that are not assigned to any users. This page will show you all the projects you have access to. Click the project titles to show all the unassigned items:

A screenshot of the Unassigned Work screen with unassigned cards and to-dos.

Upcoming Dates

Want to know what's going on tomorrow, or next week, or next month? Basecamp can tell you! 

You'll get a list of your scheduled events and dated to-dos, across all the projects you're a part of. The name of the project will be the last line of the event. You'll also see who's assigned to what, and who is involved in an event.

There's also an option here to subscribe to this Upcoming Dates schedule — a great alternative to subscribing to each and every individual project. Huzzah!

When you subscribe to Upcoming Dates, you'll see dates that go 1 month back, and 3 months forward.

This is different than an individual project schedule, which goes 2 years back, and 5 years forward.

And different from My Schedule, which goes 1 month back, and 18 months forward.

To-dos Added & Completed

This report lists new to-do items that were added to your projects, side by side with the to-dos that were completed. Everything is broken out by project. You'll see who is assigned, and who completed the to-do.

Want to know what happened yesterday? You can go back day by day to review.

Someone's Assignments

Need to know what someone on your team is working on? Head to this section to scroll through everything that's assigned to them in Projects you share.

Just want to see their to-dos with due dates? Click the  Just the ones with due dates  tab and you'll only see the assignments with due dates.

Someone's Activity

Want to see all the Basecamp activity for a specific person? Just select their name from the menu. You'll see all their Basecamp activity across the Projects you share — all the to-dos they've added and completed, all the comments they've added, every file they've posted. Very handy!

One user's latest activity

Mission Control

Check out all the project status needles across all your projects from Mission Control:

A screenshot of the Mission Control screen with 5 needles.

To see the needles from only a subset of your projects, you can open Mission Control from a Project Stack on the Home Page:

A stack of two projects with a red square highlighting the See Projects in mission Control