Basecamp Personal

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Basecamp Personal is the only version of Basecamp 3 you can sign up for right now that's free forever. It is limited to 3 projects, 20 users, and 1GB of storage space:

Ready to try out Basecamp Personal? Create a new Basecamp Personal account here.

Basecamp Personal is more streamlined, so it looks a little different if you're used to the Business plan.

Some of the major differences include:

  • No teams
  • No HQ
  • No clients
  • No archiving projects
  • No project templates
  • No option to unfollow a project
  • No restoring trashed projects
  • No logo on the Home screen

You can delete a project, but unlike in Basecamp Business, it won't go to the trash — it'll be permanently deleted from the account. We remind you of this before you delete a project, too.

You can, however, still export your data from a Basecamp Personal account!

Move from Basecamp Business to Basecamp Personal

Have a Basecamp Business account and want to move to Basecamp Personal? You'll need to export and then delete some of your data to fit on the Basecamp Personal limits (20 users, 3 projects, and 1GB of file storage):

  1. Export your data, if needed. This way you'll have copies of it before you start deleting.
  2. Convert any HQ and/or Teams that you have on your Home page into a project:

  3. Delete all but 3 active projects on your Home page.
  4. Delete all available templates and archived projects.
  5. Remove clients from projects.
  6. Remove all but 20 users.

Once you’ve done that, contact the support team and we'll get you moved over to the free Basecamp Personal plan. ✨

Upgrade from Basecamp Personal to Basecamp Business

Have a Basecamp Personal account and ready to upgrade to a larger Basecamp Business account? You can do that while you’re logged in!

  1. Go to your Home page.
  2. Click on Adminland.
  3. Scroll to the Upgrade to Business option and click Upgrade to a paid account: