Make lists of work that needs to get done, assign items, set due dates, and discuss.

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Create a To-do List

Divvy up tasks in your Project, Team, or HQ by creating lists.

To start a new list, give it a name and click Create to-do list. You can also add notes, files or images about the list.

Start adding to-dos and assigning them to users. When you begin typing their name in the "Assigned to" field, Basecamp 3 will display matching results. You can only assign a task to someone who is a part of this particular Project (or Team, or HQ).

When you assign a to-do to someone else, they'll receive a notification. Once it's done, they can click in the checkbox next to the to-do to mark it as complete. Anyone who asked to be notified when the task was done will be!

To-dos can also be assigned a due date or a span of dates — select the radio button for the type you need. Then, select the date(s). The person assigned will get a reminder notification at 9:00 AM the day before the due date and again at 9:00 AM on the day it’s due.

Leave a note, pictures or other files if the to-do needs more detail.

To edit a list or to-do title, click on it, then click Edit at the top left. When you're done, click Save changes.

If you edit a due date, you'll see that change in the discussion section below the to-do itself. 

Move items in your list or between lists by clicking and dragging the small grip icon to the left. Drop them in their new place. You can do this with entire lists, too!

You can see the number of completed to-dos in your lists at a glance, so you always know how much you've done.

Bulk assign and bulk archive to-dos

You can bulk assign to-dos to someone on your account and bulk archive to-dos.

Click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) next to one of the to-dos you want to add bulk actions to.

Press Command + Shift (Mac) or Control + Shift (Windows) and then click on all the to-dos you want to bulk assign or archive.

Choose either Assign x to-dos or Archive them. If you chose to assign them, you will be taken to a new page where you can assign the to-dos to a user from a dropdown.

Assigning multiple people to a to-do

You can assign multiple people to a single to-do but it takes just one person to mark the to-do as complete. There are two alternatives:

 Title a to-do list with the task. In this example, the goal is to confirm that everyone is set up in Basecamp so the title of the to-do list is "Confirmation." Each to-do in that list is the name of each person that should confirm this. When they check off their name, we're left with a list of folks that have yet to complete this:

② Title a to-do list with the assignee's name. The title of the list would be their name, and each to-do item in that list could contain the to-dos that need to be done. This list can be copied many times over so that all you need to do is change the title of the list. You can bulk-select these to-dos and assign them.

Group To-dos

A group is like a sublist on a list. It has a header, and to-dos grouped below. To-do Groups are excellent for organizing work around disciplines (to build this feature designers need to do this, programmers need to do that, and when QA finds something fishy they can log things, too). Or for moving work through phases. You can drag to-dos between phases, set up work in advance, and even keep future phases empty until it’s time to slot work in.

There are two ways to make a group of to-dos on a list:

  • To make an empty group (which you can fill later), click the hamburger menu to the left of the list name. Select “Add a group”.

  • To group together to-dos that are already on a list, shift-select multiple to-dos (hold down shift, and click the hamburger menu to the left of each to-do you want to group), and select the “Group them” item in the menu.

Convert a group into a new list

It's natural for to-do groups to evolve and need to become their very own to-do lists. You can make that change easily in Basecamp!

To convert a group into a list, click on the three horizontal lines just to the left of the group. You'll see the option there to convert this group into a list:

The other way to do this is by clicking on the ••• menu to the right of the to-do group:

Get notified about new To-Dos

If you’d like to receive notifications when to-dos are added to a specific list, just go to that list in Basecamp. Inside the right-hand menu, you’ll see a new option to receive these notifications:

Once you’ve turned on notifications, you’ll see messages in your Hey! menu every time someone adds a new to-do to that list:

Prefer to get email notifications? No problem — we’ll bundle up these notifications so your inbox doesn’t get clobbered every time someone adds a to-do:

These notifications are only for you and only for a particular list. Other people will have to opt-in if they’d like to receive notifications, too. 

Want to stop receiving notifications? Just visit the to-do list, open the menu, and turn off the notification. :)

Removing the To-Do tool

You can hide a tool from a Project, Team, or HQ if it's not needed. See if a clear space really does organize the mind!

Here's how:  Changing Tools