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Posting in the Message Board of a project is ideal for making announcements, pitching ideas, asking questions to everyone on the project, and more. 

When you want to post an idea that doesn't necessarily belong in a text doc or in a Campfire — but you do want others to see it, and for it to have a more permanent place to live — message board! It's a happy medium for those middle-of-the-road conversations.

The Message Board doesn't aggregate conversations that happen elsewhere — it's only for messages and discussions posted here.

Screenshot of a Message board with two posts

To create a new message, enter the Message Board and click "+ New message."

Screenshot of and arrow pointing to the "+ New message" button

Message Categories

Messages can be classified into different categories. Consider the default options we use at Basecamp ourselves: Announcement, FYI, Pitch, Question, and Heartbeat. Or create your own! Anyone (including clients) can edit the categories in the project(s) that they are a part of.

When you go to post a new message, you’ll see a new option above the title to select a category. It’ll look something like this:

Screenshot of Message board post category drop-down list

When your message is posted, the emoji will appear at the beginning of the title in both the index view and the message itself:

Screenshot of an outlined message category and the name of the user that posted the message "Announcement by Chase Clemons"

You can also filter messages on the Message Board by clicking on the "All messages" dropdown menu:

Screenshot of the Message board categories in the drop-down list on the Message board's main page

Admins and owners can change message categories. To do this, visit Adminland. Under "Administrators," you'll see the option "Change message categories."

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to the "Change message categories" option in Adminland

From there, you'll get to a menu that allows you to customize your message categories.

Screenshot of the "Message Categories" page found within Adminland

Sorting the Message Board

By default, the most recent posts appear at the top of the Message Board. Sometimes, you might want your posts to be sorted alphabetically (like a table of contents) or by most recent comment (so the newest discussions float to the top).

To change the sort order, open the menu in the upper right of the Message Board. You'll see an option below "Bookmark" that says "Sort messages by…"

Animated GIF of selecting the "Sort messages by..." option

Once you click "Sort messages by…," in you'll see a dialog with three different sorting options. Choose the option that works best for your project and click "Save changes" to apply:

Screenshot of sort options — “By original post date,” “By latest comment,” and “Alphabetically A-Z”

The Message Board will reload and posts will be organized in the new sort order. If you've selected something other than "By original post date," you'll see a note at the top of the page indicating how things are sorted and a link to change it:

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to outlined text — "SORTED BY LATEST COMMENT" with a link to "Change"

Note: When you change the sort order, everyone on the project will see messages in this order. This ensures everyone sees the same thing when they load the Message Board. Changing one project will not affect other projects on your account.

The Tool Bar

Text Formatting

Format your text with the tool bar!

Animated GIF of selecting and using the highlight tool

You can change the color of your text or highlight it, add headings, and bulleted or numbered lists. Press the Tab key on your keyboard to make a sublist.

Screenshot of the Bold and Highlight tools selected

Embed Images

You can embed images into your message! Click and drag pictures from your computer into the message to embed them in-line. (JPG, GIF, and PNG supported.)

Screenshot of a photo of an office embedded in a Message board post

If you have several images, you can make a side-by-side gallery of images by  uploading multiple images at the same time. You can do by clicking the paperclip icon and selecting several files, or by dragging and dropping files directly into your message post. 

Screenshot of six file images of pastries embedded in a Message board post

If you need to, you can split up the gallery by putting your cursor between images and hitting return. Or, if you prefer a different arrangement (like maybe the third image should be first!), you can click and drag an image to its desired spot, then release that click.

Attach a file to your discussion by clicking the attachment icon (the paper clip!) to attach a file, or click and drag the file from your computer.

To remove an attachment or picture from your draft, just click on it, then click the trash can.

Screenshot of an arrow pointing to a trash can icon

Choose Who to Notify

Once you're finished composing, you can click to adjust who should be notified about this post. Keep in mind that it does not *hide* the post from any non-clients on the project. 
There are people who are on the project and people who are just following. ( Learn more about participation types!) 
  • Notifying the 7 people on the project excludes anyone who reduced notifications to "just following"
  • Notifying everyone means every person who is a part of this project, whether they're just following or not.

The last two options give you freedom to notify specific people or post without notifying anyone.Screenshot of notification options — “Just the 7 people working on this project,” “All 8 people who can see this project,” “Only the people I select…,” and “No one”If you're not ready to post your message just yet, click Save as a draft and Basecamp will keep it saved for when you're ready.

Removing the Message Board tool

You can hide a tool from a Project if it's not needed. See if a clear space really does organize the mind!

Here's how: Changing Tools

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