You can forward any email into Basecamp, discuss it with your team, and reply directly to the original sender. Exciting!

Note: Forwards work best if you forward each email directly with your email client. Auto-forwarding into Basecamp may work but can break easily! Please forward each email directly into Basecamp with your email client.

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Turn on the Forwards Tool

If you don't see the Forwards tool in your project, head to the project settings to turn it on. Click "Set up tools" and you'll see all the tools that are active. Toggle to turn on Forwards:

GIF showing how to enable Email Forwards tool via Change tools option for a project

Forward an Email

Forward an email to Basecamp will reply via email to ask you where to put it:

A screenshot of the page where you can select the project to forward an email in

Once you choose a Project, your email will appear in the Forwards tool:

A screenshot of the Email Forwards tool page with an email in it

Click a forwarded email to see it, discuss it with your team, or respond to it.

Attachments on a forwarded email should be 25MB or less. If you add comments above the text of your forwarded email, they won't show up in the forwarded email in Basecamp -- and it might also prevent Basecamp from determining it's a forwarded email! You'll want to add any commentary in the comment section below the email, once it's been forwarded in. 

Forward Email Directly to a Project

If you have a lot of emails you need to save in one Project, or if you frequently forward emails into a particular Project, you may not want to choose where to save each one. You can skip that step, and forward emails directly to a particular Project.

In the Forwards tool, find your personalized address:

A screenshot of the Email Forwards tool page with an arrow pointing at the special address to drop a forwarded email directly into a project

If you already have some forwards saved, find it by clicking  Forward an email in.

A screenshot of the Email Forwards tool page with an arrow pointing at the "+ Forward an email in" button

When you forward an email to that personalized address, it will be saved in that particular project.

Reply to and Comment on Forwards

For any forward in Basecamp, add a comment for only your team to see, or reply to the original sender: 

Gif of a user clicking into the comment section to reply to the original sender, then clicking the 'reply to' link and then the

If you leave a comment on a forward, it won’t be shared with the sender. Comments look just like comments on other items in Basecamp:

Screenshot of the comment section located under a forwarded email in the Email Forwards tool

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