Chat casually with the group, ask random questions, and share stuff without ceremony.
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Sometimes posting a message isn't necessary, and you want to chat in real time. Campfire is the place to be!

Every Project, Team, and HQ has its own Campfire room. To enter a Campfire, open the Project (or Team or HQ) and click on the Campfire tool.

Scroll up in a chat window to view what you missed. When you want to add a comment, type your text at the bottom of the window and hit enter.

Campfire Features

You can also drag and drop saved images, or paste image URLs into a chat line — perfect for all those cat and Beyoncé gifs you need to share with the team.

To grab someone’s attention in Campfire, you can  @mention them by typing the @ symbol followed by their name. They’ll receive a notification for the mention.

To use emoji, click control + command + space bar on a Mac to pull up the emoji picker. On Windows 10, click the Windows key + ; to pull up emoji. Older versions of Windows will work too. Check out our  emoji pro tips! 👍

To see all the files posted in a Campfire, look for the  ••• menu in the upper right corner of that Campfire. 

You'll then be able to browse everything uploaded to that particular Campfire!

Delete a Campfire Post

If you need to delete a message you posted, click on "•••" next to the time stamp above your post.

A red trash can will appear next to your post! Click on that to delete the post. 

Note: Only account owners can delete messages posted by someone else. More about that here.

Add Code to a Campfire or Ping

To add code in a chat, you'll start your message with  /code log | <content>

Here's how it will look when you post your message: 

Add Sounds to Campfire or Pings

Campfire supports sounds! All the sound commands begin with /play. Here's an example of /play greatjob

All Campfire sounds are listed out here at the bottom of the page, along with a preview of each sound. They work in Pings as well!

It's a fun way to comment on situation, support your peers, greet them, or bid them adieu. Here's a round of /play honk to send Merissa off into the weekend: 

Campfire Notifications

You can turn on notifications so that you're notified when someone starts chatting in a Campfire that you're a part of. (More on how to set up those notifications!) 

But, you won't receive a notification for every single new line item in that Campfire chat. You'll only receive push notifications if:

  • You are @mentioned
  • The chat has been idle for 6+ hours

You can read more on our philosophy around chat notifications in our piece on Group Chat, Group Stress.

Remove the Campfire tool

You can hide a tool from a Project, Team, or HQ if it's not needed. See if a clear space really does organize the mind!
Here's how: Changing Tools