Moving Project Tools

You can move an entire tool (e.g. Messages, To-dos, Card Table) from its current project to a different project!

🗒️ NOTE: Only admins, owners and the project creator can move a tool to a different project. 

To move an entire tool, just click the ••• menu at the top right when inside that tool, then use the 'Move' option:

A screenshot of the options menu inside a project tool, with the 'Move' option highlighted.

The entire tool and all its items and activity will be moved to the new project. Previous links to any items the tool will redirect you to the new location, but only people on the destination project will have access to this tool. If any tasks were assigned to someone who doesn't have access, that assignment is removed.

🗒️ NOTE: Moving a tool with a lot of history and items may take a few minutes. 

💡TIP: If you removed the last tool of its kind in a project, that tool is now Off. You can turn that tool on again from "Set Up Tools" in the ••• menu at the top right of the project.

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